Our Services

TNT Pro Services is committed to taking care of your property with whatever you may need. We have worked hard to master the variety of services that we provide to you. We take pride in making sure your home or office turns heads and separates itself from the rest of the neighborhood or business strip with great quality and a high standard.


Lawn care

Our lawn care program will make your lawn have the potential to be as thick and green as it can possibly be. We offer weekly mowing and trimming, lawn fertilizer with weed control, along with aeration and over-seeding. 



Whether your lawn is suffering from the dry summer, or just needs to fill out better, let us be your help in getting it back into shape for the end of 2022 and looking great come spring next year. Aeration is highly recommended regardless of lawn condition and is often done with overseeding which we also offer.

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Landscaping maintenance

TNT Pro Services currently offers softscapes such as mulch refreshes at the most competitive price in Omaha, rock refreshes, along with planting annuals or perennials on your property. We are working on offering retaining walls and other hardscape designs in the near future.

When it comes to the outdoor space of your property, the landscaping is also important. This is why we offer detail visits to keep the beds in tip top shape. We also offer spring and fall clean ups to take care of the leaves and other debris in your yard. 


Trailer rental 

We also rent our landscaping and hydraulic dump trailers during the winter months. Please call for sizing, availability, and other specifications of our trailer rental. 

Snow Removal

Mother nature can be very unpredictable, but when it snows we will take pride in keeping you safe on your property. We also offer salting upon request.